How we started this club

Science Model Designing

Interestingly few teenager students in Kokar, Ranchi (Jharkhand), who indulged in making small electrical and mechanical gadgets, participated in the State and National Level Science Exhibitions held in Calcutta and Delhi respectively and have been highly appreciated for their originality and inventive skill. It is to the credit of these young enthusiasts that they have produced by their self effort many neat exhibits of high practical value without incurring much expense.

This scientific inventive spirit spread to other youngsters and the activities of the club increased year by year. It was the year 1971, when India’s first rocket ROHINI RH 125 that roared from Thumba caught the imagination of these young promoters and they proudly named their organization as Rohini Science Club.

On 15th March 1973, a shape has been given to the club and the constitution, rules and regulations etc were laid down by the members. Since then the club has made it possible for large number of youngsters to find expression for their scientific interest.


Science Exhibitions

To encourage creative work in science education in an effort to make it more comprehensive and interesting, the members of the club has decided to organize science exhibitions in Ranchi. The first science exhibition was organized at the St. John’s High School Hall in the year 1980. Later this becomes an annual feature of the club.

Some unforgettable science exhibitions dedicated to the people of Ranchi were All India Institutional & Industrial Science Exhibition (1982), Bihar State Institutional Science Exhibition (1987-88) and Vigyanotsav (1993) Vigyanotsav (1995).

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